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Wednesday, December 07, 2022
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Romans 1:1-7               Paul, the Gospel, Jesus and Us     Listen
Romans 1:8-17             The Best, the Most, the Highest      Listen 
Romans 1:18-32           The Gospel: A True Diagnosis     Listen
Romans 2:1-16             God's Standard of Judgment     Listen
Romans 2:17-29           Destroying False Foundations     Listen
Romans 3:1-8               A Spiritual Attitude Adjustment     Listen
Romans 3:9-26             Living under the Covering of Jesus Christ     Listen
Romans 3:27- 4:8         Blessed Are those Credited with Righteousness     Listen 
Romans 4:8-25             Faith in the Promises of God    Listen
Romans 5:1-5               Enjoying Right Standing with God     Listen
Romans 5:6-11             How Good Is the Good News?     Listen
Romans 5:12-21           In Adam, or In Christ?    Listen
Romans 6:1-14             Dead to Sin, But Alive to God     Listen
Romans 6:15-23           Set Free to Serve God     Listen
Romans 7:1-6               Serving God in the New Way of the Spirit    Listen
Romans 7:7-25             New Hope In Christ     Listen
Romans 8:1-4               No Condemnation In Christ     Listen
Romans 8:5-17             Belonging to God     Listen
Romans 8:18-27           A Godly Perspective on Suffering     Listen
Romans 8:28-39           Nothing Will Separate Us from the Love of God     Listen